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Welcome to Küçük Oda – means “small room” in Turkish.

I am Buket – which means a bunch of flowers💐. I usually prefer saying what my name means to help people in case they struggle to pronounce it ☺︎

I was born in Bursa in 1990.

I went to Bursa Boys' High School, which is a historical school I had a special admiration for because it was the school where one of my favorite Turkish writers Sait Faik wrote his first short story, “İpekli Mendil”. After graduating from there, I continued to Hacettepe University, located in Ankara – the capital city of Turkey. After spending about seven years studying and working there, I was awarded Jean Monnet scholarship and went to Milan for a master's degree. Since it was a double degree program, I lived in Milan for the first semester, then moved to Brussels for the second one. Upon completion of my master’s, I started living in Istanbul, my absolute favorite city in this world! I lived in İstanbul for five years. Currently, I have been living in the UK since March 2022.


When I was a child, I was spending very much time in a “small room” in my grandma’s house. My grandfather was a photographer and browsing the photographs he took in this small room was my favorite activity! Back then it seemed to me there were so many mysteries in that small room and that feeling nurtured my creativity.


When I’m grown up, funny but I’ve always lived in small spaces and my own small room has always been the place that gives inspiration to me at most.


So “Küçük Oda” has emerged as an expression of this inspiration and my passion for literature & photography. It is an online “zine”, where I share my ideas* regarding the readings I have made and my feelings about some of the moments I have photographed.


Thank you for being here!



*Unfortunately not all my blog posts are in English. It takes time to translate them into English as you can imagine, and I don’t want them to be translated via Google translate. "Photo Journal" is bilingual though. I’m usually writing both in TR and EN on my instagram too! Hopefully you will see more blog posts in English in the future🤞🏼

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